This list consists of books by current UCGA members who have donated a copy of their book to the UCGA to be placed in the Tennessee Room of the Putnam County, TN Library.  Books will remain on this list as long as membership is maintained and the book is in print.  Please notify us if any book becomes unavailable.


Seventeen year Table of Contents Index, UCGA Bulletins $5.00 postpaid

Order these two from UCGA, P.O. Box 575, Cookeville, TN  38503-0575


A New Beginning in Maryland by John Pippen                                             $85.00 + $5.00 S & H postpaid

Order from Emily L. Pippin, 1266 Auburn Ave; NW Palm Bay, FL 32907 Email:



“Hear Ye Hear Ye, George Allen Came to Virginia in 1648”                                  $82.50 postpaid

After some 30 years research in courthouses around the country and contacting many “Allen Cousins”, all descendants of George Allen, I have complied it all in a book.  George had 3 children, William, Elizabeth, and John Allen all born in the 1670’s.  The book contains over 16,000 names of descendants and spouses of these three children, and all are indexed.  Many early records have either been abstracted or printed, as is, in the book.  Most of the descendants and ancestors of Duke and Jesse Allen of Jackson County, TN are listed in the book.  The book contains 837 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches and is hardback bound.  You may purchase from: Robert E. Allen, P.O. Box 123, Bakerton, WV 25410 or Elizabeth Allen Email:


BAXTER SEMINARY YEARBOOKS 1934 – 1960  (4 CD set)                        $30.00 postpaid

In front of the property that once was the home of Baxter Seminary, Baxter (Putnam County), TN there is a memorial marker. Order from Audrey J. Lambert, 39721 Timberlane Dr., Sterling Heights, MI 48310-2464


The Walton Road by Calvin Dickinson                                                                                        $12.00 postpaid

May order the book from Calvin Dickinson, TTU box 5064, Cookeville, TN  38505



John D. & Jane Browning Lawson, Covered Wagon Pioneers and their descendants, Part 0ne and Part Two, is now available in the Tennessee Room at the Putnam County Library.   If anyone would like a copy(s), please contact Barbara Shackelford @931.526.6815.


We have (4) new CD’s by Ron Dishman in the Tennessee Room.  They are (1) back copies of the Overton County Historical Society Newsletters, 1927-2007 (11 Years, 44 issues); (2) Overton County, TN Birth & Death Records, 1908 through 1912; (3) Birth and Death 1925-1938 and (4) Overton County WPA Writers Project 1941 (Historical information on all of Overton County, TN). Also a checklist of Cemeteries and Graveyards WPA project by Ethel Reneau.


DeKalb County Cemeteries                                                                                                       $25.00 postpaid

By Doris Garrison Gilbert.  Order from Doris Garrison Gilbert, 3366 Keltonburg Road, Smithville, TN 37177 or Email:



Our Confederate Ancestors by                                                                                 $50.00 Inc postage

Book may be ordered from Martha Sue Broyles @(931) 738-5869 or (931) 212-3789.  The book tells about Capt. Sally Tompkins #2123 United Daughters of the Confederacy Cookeville, TN and includes 400 names buried in Cumberland, Putnam, Van Buren and White Counties.


Overton County TN Births & Deaths 1908-1912 and 1925-1938 now available on one CD which is $20 or $25 if shipped. Also books are available for 1908-1912 and 1925-1938 also available are  two separate books contact for price on them. To order contact Ron Dishman P. O. Box 283 Livingston TN 38570 or

CD Available with W.P.A. Cemetery and Graveyard Check List Project this list only the name and location of cemetery and brief history on some with names also mentioned this was written in the 1930’s. Also W.P.A. Historical information of Overton County TN has some very interesting early history also written in the 1930’s $20 or $25 if shipped. To order contact Ron Dishman P.O. Box 283 Livingston TN 38570 or

CD available of the Overton County Historical Society Newsletters 1997-2010 14 years of Quarterlies 56 issues. Printed Back issues are also available by contacting the O.C.H.S. at P.O. Box 753 Livingston TN 38570. Price of a CD is $25 or $30 if shipped to order contact Ron Dishman P.O. Box 283 Livingston TN 38570 or